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Eerste wijntjes bij het vakantiehuis

Holiday home in Umbria on the hill

Our holiday home in Umbria, Villa Montegabbione, we have bought in 2019. The house is a farmhouse from 1910 with large rooms on the ground floor where the stables used to be and a real winemaker cantina. The living area is on the first floor. The stables are now being renovated and transformed into a

Luxury holiday apartment

We have planned a large and luxurious holiday apartment. It has 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. It has a great view on the hills and forests and a beautiful terrace. It can be rented by 1 person up to 6 people. Follow us on facebook or instagram and we will

Buying a house in Umbria

Looking for a house in Umbria, Italy Buying a house in Umbria; if you want to experience something then you have to look for a house in Italy. Our search began at the Second Home exhibition in the Netherlands. There we came in contact with two different Dutch brokers who work in Umbria. Because there